Plasterer injured partner

A BRIDLINGTON man who admitted injuring his partner by pushing her was given a conditional discharge and ordered to pay £85 costs at Bridlington Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

David Harrison, 53, of Bessingby Road had been drinking during the day on February 5 in the Half Moon and Cricketers pubs with his partner Anne Brooks.

The court heard Harrison and Ms Brooks had a disagreement and Ms Brooks decided to walk home and have a coffee with her neighbour before sending a text message to Harrison implying that the relationship was over.

Harrison returned to the house at around 8pm, though as Ms Brooks had been drinking heavily, she could not remember exactly what happened after that, just that she later found a lump on the back of her head.

Harrison, who works as a plasterer, told police that Ms Brooks was throwing his clothes all over the place and that during this he may have pushed her which would explain her injuries.

In mitigation Dave Robson, said: “There is no evidence against this man and the victim said she does not remember injuring her head and was obviously drunk.

“She was throwing his clothes everywhere and he admitted to police that he may have pushed her. The honesty of this man is what brought him here today.”

Presiding magistrate Anne Farnsworth said: “You need to keep your head down and get through this period that the conditional discharge is hanging over your head.

“We take domestic violence extremely seriously and if you commit another offence you will not be given a conditional discharge next time.”

In addition to the conditional discharge Harrison was also ordered to pay costs of £85.