Plans to open Laser Quest in Bridlington

Adam Todd, Barron Crossland and Lewis Holloway are hoping to open a Laser Quest. (PA1322-1)
Adam Todd, Barron Crossland and Lewis Holloway are hoping to open a Laser Quest. (PA1322-1)

Bridlington could have its first ‘laser quest’ after a local business announced plans to develop the top floor of the now vacant Co-operative supermarket on Promenade.

Barron Crossland, Lewis Holloway and Adam Todd, of the T2 internet lounge on Prospect Arcade, are hoping to secure funding to develop the laser quest arena - which if built would be in the top 10 largest in the UK - in a centre which would also provide facilities for online gaming, trading card games and table based war games.

They have agreed a lease and have drawn up plans for the 14,000sq ft site, which would be above where the Co-operative supermarket traded, but now need to gather feedback from the public before they can secure funding to complete the work.

Mr Crossland said: “We are really hoping for feedback to show that there is a demand for the laser quest in the town. It will be a social enterprise that will create 14 new jobs, and everything made in profit will be put back into the business.

“We think it will be very popular in Bridlington, and will make good use of the building in a part of town where it is needed.”

Alongside what will be an 8,000sq ft laser quest arena, the space will also feature a cafe, 15 high specification computers for internet gaming and general use and a space for war game tables for enthusiasts of games such as Warhammer, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Lewis Holloway believes that there is a demand for these activities as well as the laser quest.

“We have a core of people in Bridlington who take part in the games, but if we have a bigger space in a more convenient area of town then we think that there could be many more who would be tempted to come down,” he said.

“With the research we have done there is a large catchment area that we can draw from, from Hull up to Scarborough, and we are enthusiastic that once we get going it will prove very popular. In the past I have ran clubs at Bridlington School and North Bridlington Library at which I have seen different faces to the people that come along here, so that’s encouraging.”

The trio have applied for funding from the Key Fund, an organisation that provides grants to social enterprise, and now hope to provide evidence of demand.

Barron Crossland continued: “If we got the funding in place then we could be up and running within around 2 months, we just have this final hurdle to negotiate before we can get started.

“We would also look to set up clubs for youngsters with an interest in gaming to come and get involved, all of our staff are CRB checked.”

The team are now hoping people will get in touch to let them know what they think of the scheme, by emailing or visit the Facebook page at

The Co-operative supermarket closed on Saturday, with the loss of 23 jobs.