Plans to expand cemetery

Sewerby Road Cemetary. Chaple to Close. NBFP PA1340-7b
Sewerby Road Cemetary. Chaple to Close. NBFP PA1340-7b

Bridlington’s cemetery could be extended because it could run out of burial room for bodies in five years.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has applied for planning permission to convert the allotments next to the cemetery in Sewerby Road into a burial ground.

The plans also include new roads being built on the site to link the proposed extension to the existing site.

The deadline for the public to give their opinions on the plans expired yesterday (Wednesday) but Bridlington Town Council has ‘strongly’ requested that the issue is referred to East Riding Council’s Eastern Area Planning Sub-Committee for ‘a frank and open discussion’.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said :“It is estimated that the cemetery has capacity for a further five to six years, assuming that burial statistics in the town continue at their present rate.

“The application will be determined by the council’s Eastern Area Planning Area Sub-Committee and it is likely that this will be in November.”

The allotment site is around 100m by 65m and has beendivided into a number of individual gardening plots, most of which have small sheds and water collection containers

Allotment holders face being moved off the site if the scheme receives the green light.

The council spokesperson added: “This is not an allotments site run by the council, and while the land has always been intended as a future extension to the cemetery, the site has been leased to an allotment association pending the council’s need to extend the cemetery.

“The council needs to plan ahead to ensure that there is adequate cemetery provision for the future in the town and, dependent on planning permission being granted, notice will be served on the association to bring the lease to an end.

“It will then be a matter for the association to deal with the individual plot holders, but the council will assist in advising tenants of other allotment sites in the town where there are vacant plots.”