Plans for honorary citizen of Bridlington award

Coun Liam Dealtry.
Coun Liam Dealtry.

BRIDLINGTON could soon have its very own honorary citizens in recognition of their contribution to the community.

Bridlington Town Council have formed a working group to explore the possibility of introducing an honorary citizen award for the town.

The award is the brainchild of town councillor, and former Bridlington mayor, Liam Dealtry who would like to see Bridlington follow in the footsteps of other towns such as Filey who already have such a scheme in place.

Speaking at last Wednesday’s town council meeting Coun Dealtry said: “The Honorary Citizen Award will run every four years where 12 people would be given the title of honorary citizen of Bridlington.

“It’s only a town council run title and it will be given to anybody who is nominated by two people, and it can be anybody – rich man, poor man, as long as they’re honest and are nominated by two other people.

“The idea is to show off what they have done for charity or if they have been a good teacher or a good fisherman,” he added.

Coun Dealtry has proposed that each recipient of the title would receive a certificate and have their names written down in a red book which would remain in place for decades to come.

Councillor Linda Chambers raised some concern that the award title sounded as though it would be handed out to people from outside of the town.

But Coun Dealtry insisted that the title was just a template and could be played with as the council saw fit.

It was agreed that a working group, made up of Coun Dealtry, Coun Shelagh Finlay, Coun Jacqueline Foster and Coun Terence Dixon, be set up to finalise the details.

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