Picture perfect pets are calendar stars

NBFP Bonnie Hyde third place calendar competition
NBFP Bonnie Hyde third place calendar competition

The annual RSPCA pet photo competition has been judged and the scores are in.

Former chairman of East Riding of Yorkshire Council Coun Chad Chadwick and his lady Coun Margaret Chadwick had the tough job of choosing just 12 photos out of a massive 160 entries.

There were no rabbits (or horses!) entered this year so six cats and six dogs were chosen by the councillors to appear in the 2014 calendar, with first place going to Sam the majestic greyhound atop his pink throne; second place to Tilly the tired kitty; and third place to the very clever looking Bonnie the spaniel. Other winners that will also appear in the RSPCA Calendar were cats Arfur, Bruce, Hope, Jet and Vera and dogs Bertie, Bouncer, Cassie, and Humfurry, and all will receive a pet hamper.

Kay Harrison of the Bridlington and District RSPCA said: “I would like to thank Coun Chadwick and his lady Coun Margaret Chadwick for judging the pets photo competition, we had 160 entries so they had a very difficult job choosing just 12.

“The branch would also like to thank them for their support.”

The calendars are £2.75 and will be available from the RSPCA shop on Quay Road from the middle of June and then all vets in the area later in the year.

If you would like to find out how you can adopt a pet from the RSPCA or have any other enquiries please ring 01262 671511 or 07712 478436 or visit the website at www. rspca-bridlington.org to see photographs and details of many of the animals in their care.

A slide show of the winning photographs can be seen on our website www.rspca-bridlington.org