Petition against speeding drivers

Eighth Avenue Bridlington'Jim Ramsden pictured with the Speeding traffic'PA1117-2
Eighth Avenue Bridlington'Jim Ramsden pictured with the Speeding traffic'PA1117-2

A PETITION against speeding motorists in an area of Bridlington has been handed into police and East Riding of Yorkshire council.

Last month, residents on Eighth Avenue said that it would “only be a matter of time” before there was a fatality on their street, as cars and buses were using Eighth Avenue as a “rat run”.

A 22 name petition from residents was given to Coun Mike Charlesworth and presented to Bridlington Town Council at a meeting last Wednesday.

The council agreed to send on the petition to both Humberside Police and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, with a recommendation that traffic calming measures such as a 20mph speed limit and/or speed cameras be put in place.

Eighth Avenue resident, Jim Ramsden, told the Free Press last month that he believes there are solutions to the problem.

He said: “I’ve been trying to speak to the police about this for a few years because there is obviously a problem.

“Cars can only park down one side of the Avenue because of double yellow lines, but if the yellow lines were staggered it would help slow traffic down.

“The cost of someone getting hurt or even dying would be so much greater than what it would be to deal with the problem now.”

East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s highways department have looked into the matter of speeding in the past and completed two assessments in 2007 and 2010, which looked into traffic records going back six years, and concluded there had not been any accidents on Eighth Avenue that resulted in injury or fatality.