Peter ‘snaps’ loved-up pair of seabirds

This perfectly executed photo shows a pair of gannets undergoing their distinctive mating ritual on the edge of a cliff.

The snap captures the black and white coloured birds gently tapping their bills together before they start to wrap their necks together in a rhythmic action.

Photographer Peter Horbury, 58, set up camp over looking Bempton Cliffs, and captured the shot on his 800m lens after fighting the bitter weather for four hours.

Mr Horbury, who takes snaps as a hobby, said: “I definitely got lucky with this one - but I’m happy with the result.

“It was very cold and windy, and after being up on the cliffs for four hours.

“I was about to call it a day but about 10 minutes from leaving I spotted the pair of gannets and got the result I wanted. I was initially up there to get a picture of a puffin - but this picture was well worth it.

More than 250,000 tourists and visitors flock to RSPB Bempton Cliffs every years for a chance to see witness the awesome spectacle.

Between April and August the cliffs come alive with innumerable nest-building adult birds as well as young chicks.

Last year, the facility 
completed a £1.3m development that completely 
refurbished its reception building, and also provided more accessible footpaths, a redesigned the car park and a revamped Grandstand viewing platform.

Speaking at the time, Bob Hillery, chairman of Bridlington Tourism Association, said:

“Nature tourism in this area, covered by The Yorkshire Nature Triangle which includes Bempton Cliffs, is certainly a powerful way of attracting more visitors to our wonderful stretch of coast.”