Permit confusion at Brid car park

palace car park permit
palace car park permit

CONFUSION reigns over Bridlington car parking once again, as season ticket renewal letters have been issued by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

While the majority of permit holders around Bridlington will be able to renew their permits without worry, permit holders for Palace car park have been left in limbo.

Palace car park off Quay Road was the subject of confusion last year when new car park charges were proposed.

No new annual passes were to be issued for the car park, but ERYC vowed to honour any existing passes at £350.

Those annual passes would not be transferrable to any other car parks, unlike the new four-tier system of passes available in the town.

The new confusion over Palace car park has come about following renewal forms being issued to all pass holders whose permits soon expire.

Palace car park does not appear on the renewal form, which has left some Palace car park permit holders worried they will have to suffer the inconveinience of switching to another car park further away from their place of work.

But the Free Press has stepped in to help concerned drivers to understand how they can still park in one Bridlington car park.

We have learnt from ERYC that although the car park has been removed as an option from the forms, drivers can still renew their permits for Palace car park by contacting the council directly.

Anne Stamper, who travels in from Bempton Lane to work at Tamara’s Ladies Clothing shop on Chapel Street, said: “The car park is the main one for business and working people in the town centre, so to take the permits away would have been wrong.

“From a safety point of view Palace is the best car park for female workers returning to their cars in the dark.

“Moorfield Road car park is too dangerous and poorly lit for women to walk to and from in the dark.

“Thankfully the council has seen sense and not stopped the permits for Palace altogether, but it is a shame that new workers to the town will have to use a more dangerous car park when coming into town.”

The renewed permit at Palace car park will cost £350 per year or £190 for six months, and can be arranged through contacting the East Riding of Yorkshire Council car parking department on 01482 395376/7.