Your views on the Tour de Yorkshire and if it is good for Bridlington

We asked Free Press readers whether they thought the Tour de Yorkshire was a good or bad thing for Bridlington - after its third visit to the town earlier this year.

Thursday, 16th May 2019, 11:23 am
As soon as the riders have gone so do the spectators, leaving nothing but litter.
I cant help but think the whole thing is a jolly for a select few.
Look at the cost to the rate payer. Our councils pay hundreds of thousands.
Any televised event from the town has got to help with bringing visitors to the area.
As a business owner on Quay Road, the road closures simply resulted in less trade.
No-one is going to travel to the coast when there are widespread road closures.
The scheduling of the commercial break was most unfortunate but this often happens.
They waffled a lot about Scarborough but nothing much about Bridlington.
It showcases all Yorkshire and it makes people from all over the UK want to visit.
I think it may cost more than it brings in as its a start and not a finish.
I looked at the crowds for the start of the womens race, there was hardly anyone
People that normally come that weekend stay away because they think it will be packed.
Its a prestigious event but it destroys trade over the weekend, not just the day.
The Tour de Yorkshire in Bridlington 2019
Why we need it on a Bank Holiday, when it is busy anyway, is beyond me.
It was a great day. You cant blame people for drifting off because it was chucking it down.