Woman sustains injuries following fall on Bridlington road

A Bridlington woman has called for a road to be repaired after she fell causing injuries to her wrist, arm and knee.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 12:35 pm
Image: Google

Amanda Holmes was crossing the road on Chapel Street, during a shopping trip with her husband, when she fell "due to uneven stones."

Speaking about the incident on August 23, Mrs Holmes said: "We crossed the road from Cooplands across to Boyes when I fell over just before the kerb and sustained injuries to my legs and hands.

"I had to go to Bridlington Hospital to be checked over and was sent to have an x-ray of my right hand and it showed I have two fractures to my wrist and I was told by the orthopaedic consultant I will need an operation at a later date."

The location where Amanda fell

She has since contacted East Riding Of Yorkshire Council to call for repairs on the road "due to the elderly population of Bridlington."

East Riding of Yorkshire Council have responded to the incident and have commented that "there are no actionable defects".

A spokesman said: "An engineer has visited the site after discussing the circumstances and the location of an issue with a resident over the last week. The resident also provided photos which allowed us to accurately locate the area of road causing the concern.

"There are no actionable defects in this location at the moment, however we will continue to monitor the area and ensure that any repairs that may become necessary are carried out within the appropriate timescale."

Injuries Amanda sustained in her fall

Amanda added: "Why wait till it gets worse and more expensive when weather conditions worsen in the autumn and winter months and could cause more injuries to people, why not repair it now as a prevention?"