We’re tackling crime to make Bridlington a better place to live and stay, says police chief

The leader of Bridlington’s Community Police Team said his main priority is to make the town a great place to live and stay.

Thursday, 21st October 2021, 5:35 am
Inspector Hussain is focusing his efforts on keeping residents safe while making life tough for criminals.

Inspector Hussain, who has settled into the team following his move from the Metropolitan Police in April, is focusing his efforts on keeping residents safe while making life tough for criminals.

The police team has been taking part in Operation Gatehouse and Humberside Police’s Operation Galaxy to tackle drug dealing and associated crime in Bridlington.

The operation has been supported by the British Transport Police, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, local councillors and residents.

A raid in Bridlington as part of Operation Gateehouse.

So far the mission has seized more than £16,000 worth of drugs, £15,000 worth of cash, and 28 cars.

The operation has seen more than 30 people arrested and has led to crime dropping by 35% since May this year.

Inspector Hussain said: “One of my key aims is to make Bridlington a fantastic place to visit, to stay, and to live.

“In this area we have some amazing beaches and locations, and one of my key roles is to make sure people feel safe in those places.

“In Bridlington, one of the issues we have been made aware of by members of our community was drugs and drug supply.

“The team has listened to the community and really we want to make a difference so we are running Operation Gatehouse, targeting a number of streets which have seen an increase in crime.

“Most of this crime is linked to drugs, social behaviour, and violence/injury.

“What we have done in the last six months is reduce crime and offending in these locations by 35%.

“The way we have achieved this is to make sure our police team is visible at the peak times in these hotspots, and also act on what the community are saying to us.

“We have executed 22 drug warrants in that location and arrested more than 30 people.

“We have also managed to seize £16,000 worth of drugs and £15,000 worth of cash, putting a dent in the criminality in that area.

“We are asking the community to keep communicating with us so we can act on their information.

“We would like to make it clear to people in Bridlington that we are not stopping, this operation is here to stay.

“If you are a criminal operating in our local area, our officers will work tirelessly to target you and bring you to justice to ensure you stop committing crime.

“We are working with our partners, our councillors, and the British Transport Police as well to keep that momentum going in the area.

“We want to keep the pressure on the criminals, and our partners and residents are essential to make the area a better place to live.

“Any suggestions from the community are most welcome. Please let us know.

“We are looking at doing something with the street furniture and increasing the lighting to make the location a safer, better place.

“Any person who would like to pass on information to our team can call 101 or Crimestoppers (crimestoppers-uk.org, 0800 555 111).

“These are good places to pass on any details because the information is recorded properly and we can then act.

“The team works with Operation Galaxy, which comes into the area on a regular basis, and has executed warrants through this initiative.

“We want to get the message across that we are here for residents and that we are trying to make the town a great place to live.”