Watch how these two owls react differently as Yorkshire hit by thunder and lightning

Owl remains unmoved by lightning!
Owl remains unmoved by lightning!

As thunderstorms ripped across Yorkshire skies last night, a tawny owl chick watched the night drama from its perch - with barely a ruffled feather.

The owl chick was captured on cameras at midnight in wildlife artist Robert E Fuller’s Yorkshire garden; calmly watching as lightning set the sky ablaze and thunder roared all around it.

Wildlife artist Robert E Fuller uses surveillance cameras in his garden to inform his detailed wildlife paintings.

He has more than 60 cameras filming the action throughout his garden in Thixendale 24 hours a day.

Sifting through the footage this morning he noticed this owl unmoved as the storm raged about it.

“This owl is solid as a rock, it wasn’t in the least bit scared,” he said.

Meanwhile another of his cameras, hidden inside a barn owl nest, captured a barn owl chick with a far more nervous disposition.

This owl species was spooked by the sound of the rain clattering on to the roof of its nest box and then terrified by the sound of thunder.

“This chick’s reaction is so different to the tawny owls stoic response,” said Mr Fuller.

Turn the sound to appreciate the drama as this barn owl chick flees to the back of the nest in shock.

Artist Robert Fuller shares his live footage of wildlife with visitors to his art gallery.

Visitors can watch action as it happens and see how these films inform his artwork.