Visitor shows off Yorkshire Belle tattoo

A fan of an iconic visitor attraction in Bridlington now has a permanent reminder of the experience – a tattoo on his arm.

Wednesday, 21st July 2021, 12:39 pm
Visitor Danny with the Yorkshire Belle tattooed on his arm. Photo courtesy of Yorkshire Belle.

An enthusiast of the Yorkshire Belle pleasure cruiser, which operates services from Bridlington harbour, has had an image of the boat inked on his arm.

He decided to show his body art to members of the Yorkshire Belle staff ahead of a cruise and they have shared the images via Facebook.

A Yorkshire Belle spokesman said: “A few weeks ago two men called Danny and Peter arrived our ticket office for a cruise.

The iconic pleasure cruiser in Bridlington harbour.

“Danny more or less started the conversation with ‘I have a tattoo of your boat!’.

“Obviously curious, but with no small amount of caution we asked ‘can we see it?’

“After talking some more both before and after the cruise, we had learnt that Danny had brought Peter, his grandad, to Bridlington from the Isle of Wight. Peter grew up in Hull and wanted to revisit the area again so had made the long trip up.

“He wanted to sail on the Yorkshire Belle which he had done many times as a child, but hadn’t been aboard for around 70 years.

A close-up of the Yorkshire Belle tattoo. Photo courtesy of the Yorkshire Belle.

“This last year has been tough, with the pandemic, the uncertainty, and the hate and ridicule we’ve received and continue to receive from some for our appeal.

“But moments like this, hearing what Belle means to other people, they really make it all worthwhile.”

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