This is how Regent Gardens in Bridlington could look in the future

An image from the planning statement for Regent Gardens.
An image from the planning statement for Regent Gardens.

More details about plans to transform gardens on Bridlington's seafront have been revealed.

A planning application has been submitted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council to carry out a major improvement project at regent gardens, near to the town's new £25m leisure centre.

An earlier artist's impression of how the area could be transformed.

An earlier artist's impression of how the area could be transformed.

The scheme sees colourful lighting projecting images on to the ground, an events space with sea views for performances and fewer parking spaces, as priority is given to pedestrians.

The design statement included as part of the plans says Regent Gardens is filled with 'unwelcoming spaces that do not realise their potential.'

The plans include re-organising parking and delivery times, providing more litter bins, reducing road signs and markings and bringing in a new colour palette of blue and orange, which have been inspired by features around the harbour.

The statement says: "The existing Regent Gardens creates a disjoined space that feels cut-off from the rest of the seafront. It is felt that the proposed changes will include the gardens as a vital part of the seafront visitor experience."

At the centre of the site is a raised lawn accessed by a set of terraces with formal steps and an access slope. The lawn provides an area for seating, playing and socialising as well as being an events space, with an elevated view toward the sea.

There will also be striking new lighting, including 4m high columns with coloured LEDs and 'gobo' lights, which projects colourful images on to the footpath.

The design statement adds: "At night Regent Gardens will come to life with ‘Gobo’ projectors located on 10m high columns projecting images on to the surface to create a distinctive and unique place.

"The projected images will be playful and have meaning to the town. The distinctive light columns that frame the space will have capabilities to be lit in any colour to mark an event. At all other times they will emit a white light."

It also states: "New seating will be introduced into this area to take advantage of the magnificent views out to sea."

The number of parking spaces will be reduced. Currently there are 47 spaces and room for three taxis and two motorbikes. This will be reduced to 31 cars, and a coach drop-off point, which will be accessible after 11am

"ERYC is carrying out a wider review of parking in and around the town centre seafront area, the purpose of which is to assess the opportunity to rationalise public parking. This includes the reviewing of taxi ranks’ operation, perhaps limiting their use to times of customer demand in evenings so giving over use to these spaces to general parking during the day.

"Similarly loading bays location and operation are being be reviewed. Current indications are that additional parking can be accommodated in the surrounding area."

The cul-de-sac is currently one of the only areas in the town centre which offers two-hour on-street parking. The ambitious plans will not affect the nearby fairground rides.

The council believes renovating the plot between Fort Terrace and Regent Terrace will make a huge difference to the seafront on the north side.

Its statement concludes: "The design and quality of the public realm plays a significant part in people’s everyday lives and their wellbeing, providing increased opportunities for social interaction. Enabling and encouraging people to live healthy lifestyles, reducing opportunities for crime and creating accessible inclusive environments.

"The inclusion of the change of use to Regent Gardens in the Bridlington Town Centre Seafront design, is considered fundamental to creating a vibrant surrounding to the quality of the public realm, and will contribute to providing easy and safe connections to the seafront for all."