‘They shot my only companion’

Black Night sharing the settee with Ken
Black Night sharing the settee with Ken

A pet cat had to have a leg amputated after it was shattered by an airgun pellet.

The four-year-old black tom had been missing for a few days before it crawled back to its owner’s home in Cranbeck Close, at West Hill, Bridlington, where he is 88-year-old Ken Ward’s only companion.

Black Knight after his amputation

Black Knight after his amputation

His son Paul, said: “He looked as though he had been in a car crash.

“He was thin and dehydrated and we don’t know where he had been or for how long. It was not until we took him to Aldgate Vets in Wellington Road that an X-Ray showed he had a bullet in his back leg which had shattered the bone. It seems it had been fired at close range to cause such damage.”

The vets also told Paul the injury was between four and five days old.

There were two options for “Black Knight” his father’s name for the cat because it always went out at night and came back the following morning.

“Either he would have to be put down or the leg could be amputated. Since my mum had to go into care the cat, which my parents have had since being a kitten, is now my dad’s only companion so we went ahead with the amputation. The bill was around £500,” said Paul who lives in Newcastle.

On a regular visit Paul noticed Black Knight was missing but thought he had just failed to come back the night before.

Two days after returning North he got a call from his father’s carer who was used to letting Black Knight in each morning to say he had returned in a terrible state so he drove straight back to Bridlington.

“We don’t know where he had been after he had been shot or for exactly how long. You try to see the best in people but to shoot a pet cat at such close range causing such damage is just incredible. My main concern is that this could have been a child that was shot, people need to be aware that such things happen and the dangers on the streets,” said Paul.

Black Night came home from the vets last Thursday and despite his missing leg and wearing a protective collar was to make his way upstairs to see Ken who was in bed.

“He then fell asleep on the settee, and seems to be recovering well,” said Paul.