Search for kayakers lost in the fog off Flamborough

Flamborough Lifeboat
Flamborough Lifeboat

Flamborough lifeboat launched on Sunday morning after reports of two kayakers lost in foggy conditions off North Landing.

The crew set off just before 9am and carried out a search of a large area around the headland between Bempton and South Landing. Nothing was found, so the search was called off and the lifeboat returned to base just after 11am.

Firefighters were called to High Street in Rudston on Sunday morning to disconnect a car battery and make the vehicle safe after it was involved in an accident.

No other cars were involved, the driver was treated by paramedics and police also attended.

Other call-outs for Bridlington firefighters over the weekend included a fire in a bin at Danes Dyke on Saturday evening and a fire on scrubland off Bessingby Road on Sunday afternoon.