Seals on the beach – only call 999 in an emergency

Picture by Ben Dale
Picture by Ben Dale

Coastguards have urged the public to only call 999 to report seals on beaches if the animal is injured.

The service has seen a huge increase in calls recently, but officers said most have only come ashore to take refuge from the bad weather

Jordan Grebby from HM Coastguard said: “If someone sees an injured seal they can call us and we will call the RSPCA, although of course, people can call the RSPCA directly if they think an animal is hurt.

“However, we’ve been receiving a huge volume of calls over the past few days about seals on beaches which have turned out not to be injured.

“Seals on beaches aren’t necessarily there because they are hurt and if you approach them they can respond aggressively. Please think before calling 999 and asking for the Coastguard about a seal that just happens to be on a beach, unless you really think it’s hurt as it could take up time that we need to deal with real emergencies.”

This picture was taken by Ben Dale on Bridlington North Beach at the weekend.