Police warning after two climbers disturb seals while trying to take photographs

Members of Humberside Police’s Rural Task Force Team are urging people to give wildlife space along the east coast.

Wednesday, 11th August 2021, 7:58 am
Disturbance is damaging for a seal as it interrupts their rest.

The team received a report from the Yorkshire Seal Group that two climbers had abseiled from the ‘Drinking Dinosaur’ point at Flamborough Head in order to take photographs of the seals.

A police spokesman said: “Their presence caused a high level of disturbance to the seals’ natural behaviour with the animals retreating to the sea.

“We need to ensure that we give wildlife space.

“Disturbance is damaging for a seal as it interrupts their rest, causes stress, wastes energy reserves, and can result in injury or death.”

The team is also asking people to be respectful around the area’s seabird colonies – both near their cliff or ground nests and while they are resting/feeding at sea as part of Operation Seabird.