PHOTOS: Bridlington students celebrate collecting GCSE results in 17 pictures

Students at Bridlington School and Headllands School were celebrating yesterday as they received their GCSE results.

Friday, 23rd August 2019, 9:31 am
results day

Photos taken by Paul Atkinson on Thursday (August 22).

Headlands School students Koby Carvill and Declan Potts
Headlands School student Lattia Enns
Bridlington School student Rio Clarke
Bridlington School student Elise Jones
Headlands School students Eleanor Bell and Tabitha Askew
Students collecting their results
Headlands School student Finlay Copsey
Headlands School students collecting their results
Headlands School students Michael Sayer and Tabitha Askew
Bridlington School student Emily Pye
Bridlington School students Connor Richardson and Daisy Wilson
Bridlington School students Ellie Nichols, Ella Perry and Maddie Warkup
Bridlington School student Tymon Feliks
Students at Bridlington School
Students at Headlands School
Headlands School student William Noble
Headlands School students