Needles found at Bridlington club clean-up

Volunteers spent two days clearing rubbish from the perimeter of Dukes Park.
Volunteers spent two days clearing rubbish from the perimeter of Dukes Park.

Volunteers helping at the annual clean-up at Bridlington Rugby Club found several needles, a retro mobile phone, more than 50 bags of dog poo and rubbish which was two decades old.

As part of a national NatWest Rugby Force weekend, members gave up their time to spruce up the grounds of Dukes Park.

They concentrated on the area alongside Monks Walk, which has been targeted by arsonists who have set fire to the hedge several times in recent weeks.

The volunteers were horrified by some of the items they uncovered during the clean-up.

Andrew Kempton, rugby club spokesperson, said: “This year, we set about the fence line from St Thomas Road down to the tennis courts, pulling out ancient rubbish, from the base of the bushes and trees.

“This included many wine bottles and a Styrofoam McDonalds burger box - which we looked up online to find that they had stopped using these in the 1990s.

“The rubbish kept coming, as we pulled back the undergrowth which had enveloped over the rubbish over the years of it laying beneath the bushes.

“We even found a mobile phone that must have been at least 20 years old.

“The sad part was the fact that we found hypodermic needles and syringes, along with other drug paraphernalia, which any small child could have come across.

“A note to dog walkers, thank you for picking up you dog mess, but why do you then launch them into the bushes.

“We had to pick up over 50 dog mess bags.”

The volunteers were given purple NatWest Rugby Force T-shirts and were provided with hot drinks and bacon butties, with the club putting on a barbecue at the end of the weekend.