Mallard Court hosts Alice in Wonderland meal to entertain residents

Mallard Court in Bridlington recently celebrated Alice in Wonderland by holding a themed meal and reading quotes from the story.

Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, 8:58 pm
Mallard Court’s Alice in Wonderland themed meal for residents.

Residents and staff all got involved with the spirit of the day, and staff dressed up with Alice, White Rabbit and Hatter to make guest appearances.

A Mallard Court spokesman said: “Residents and staff prepared for the day making posies and decorating the dining room with lots of wonderful memorabilia related to this beautiful story and reminiscing with the musical soundtrack playing in the background.”

Dianne Peters, general manager at Mallard Court, said: “This has been a huge amount of fun and sparked a lot of memories for residents to talk about, creating a visually enhancing experience for our residents.

“Our chef provided some delicious treats for everyone to enjoy for the tea party.”