Laughing gardener raises £800 for Children with Cancer UK at 300th talk in Bridlington

Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson

The laughing gardener celebrated his 300th talk by raising money for Children with Cancer UK.

Paul Robinson, who was the weekly garden writer in the Bridlington Free Press for eight years, raised £866.75 for the charity which provides care for children with cancer and their families.

Paul during his show with Nigel Fell drinking sprout juice

Paul during his show with Nigel Fell drinking sprout juice

Paul gave his 300th talk to 142 people in the CYP sports hall, Gypsey Road on September 17.

Following the event he said: "Thank you to my lovely wife Jo who helps with my gardening shows all the time, my family and friends who baked cakes, helped with the raffle and took tickets on the door, Rohanne's Nurseries who sold plants on the night, CYP venue staff who were terrific, and Tom Faire who filmed the event."

Speaking about how he first started as the 'Laughing Gardener', Paul added: "I cannot believe I have given so many talks and when I gave my first talk in 1991 in Harrogate I never believed I would be doing them in my 50s.

"The talks have become more popular in recent years and I travel all over Yorkshire with my laughing gardener show."

Paul is qualified in horticulture and passionate about gardening but he says it is more than "just talking about gardening."

He added: "I am not your usual gardening speaker at all if I am honest that's why I am popular, people love to be entertained and learn more if they are happy and laughing.

"I want my audience at the end of the show to say we have learnt a lot about horticulture and we have had such a laugh as well.

"I am very interactive with the audience as I get them to eat certain insects which are full of protein and drink juices made out of my own grown veg and fruit juices.

"They get there hands dirty with my home made fertilisers which can pong a bit."

Paul, who moved to Bridlington in 2006, gives talk to gardening groups, women's institute, country women's groups plus numerous other groups across Yorkshire.