Here's the finalists for Bridlington's Extraordinary People Awards

The annual awards night to honour some of Bridlington’s most amazing people is fast approaching.

Thursday, 7th November 2019, 10:07 am
Updated Friday, 8th November 2019, 9:12 am
Last year's winners

Promenades Shopping Centre asked residents to nominate people for the Extraordinary People Awards which celebrates the hard work happening around Bridlington that makes the town and community one to be proud of.

During the nominations, the public were able to vote for both commercial awards such as Business of the Year, as well as community awards such as Community Local Hero and Volunteer of the Year.

To honour the amazing people that keep Bridlington’s coast afloat there is also a Coastal Hero Award, as well as Teacher of the Year and Carer of the Year to celebrate the people who dedicate their lives to helping others.

Finalist: Douggie Lea

The awards will honour members of the community of all ages. There will be awards for younger members of the public such as Spirit of Youth Award and the Shaping the Future Award.

Carl Brown, the manager of Promenades Shopping Centre, is excited for the awards night which will be held at Bridlington Spa on November 22.

He said: “Bridlington is filled with amazing individuals that work hard to making the community a better place, and we are proud to put together this awards night to honour those who truly deserve it.

"A lot of these people sacrifice their time and effort doing selfless acts to make the world a better place and never even ask for a thank you. It’s about time we celebrate these incredible people and how amazing the community in Bridlington.”

Finalist Karen Cleal

Finalists for the Extraordinary People Awards are:

Spirit of Youth:

Ronnie Kemp-Duke - A four-year-old boy who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in August last year. Since then, he has undergone radiotherapy and was recently admitted to intensive care. Despite all this Ronnie still managed to make all the nurses crack up with his amazing sense of humour and has kept a positive attitude throughout.

Maddison Broadbent - Starting secondary school is a daunting life event for anyone, but when you combine the stress of pre-teenage life with two major deaths in the family and your dad in the hospital, the stress can become monumental. Madison has had to deal with both her uncle and grandfather passing away in her first year of starting secondary school, and has not only picked up her mum and dad with her positive attitude and helped them when they were struggling, but has also been a massive help in taking care of her little sister..

Finalist Murray Hill Solicitors

Harriet Long - At the young age of five, Harriet has shown a big heart for those less fortunate. After a trip to Pottadoodledo, this child made a dragon-shaped money box and encouraged people to donate in her local shop to raise money for MNDa (Motor Neuron Disease Association). Although naturally, Harriet is a shy and reserved child, she overcame this to help those with MND and raising over £159.

Charity Fundraiser:

Sandra Orlando - Sandra is one of the millions of people that suffer from MD (Macular Degeneration) worldwide, but unlike most suffering, she has used her condition to not only spread awareness about the disease which is making her go blind but has run marathons to raise money to help find a cure. Her efforts have been recognised by Look North as well as BBC Humberside and other regional news outlets. To date, Sandra has raised over £7,000 and has set to run three marathons in three days in three countries to raise even more money for the cause.

Vicky Loft - Vicky Loft rehomes items otherwise left unwanted through auctions and to local charities. She is so committed to her cause that it has been known for her to drive out of her way to deliver items personally to people who would have otherwise not been able to claim the sold items. Recently her community group, The Community Spirit Store has helped raise funds for Jack’s Journey- a charity supporting families of children with cancer.

Finalist Chris Kirkham

Sara Taylor - Sara is well-known throughout the community for her commitment in helping raise funds for a wide variety of charities and organisations both big and small. She is known for always putting others first and doing her best to raise money and awareness for worthy causes. Even at difficult times for her personally, such as her father’s recent passing, Sara put her best foot forward and helped those less fortunate.

Volunteer of the Year:

Eric and Ann Robson - Both are stepping down from Bridlink after 24 years. Bridlink was originally based in 'The Cop Shop' on Bridge Street where the Police also had a presence. Over the years they have developed and grown as a team and been a huge support to the community.

Rainbows - For over 15 years Heather and Carole have created a safe, fun and dynamic space for the young girls in 9th Bridlington Rainbows. With a limited budget, they have managed to create interesting events, sleepovers, crafts and activities to engage, educate and entertain the girls.

Maggie Field-Masters - Working for the Salvation Army, Maggie Field-Masters does all she can helping people struggling with homelessness, poverty and people in need. From taking in disadvantaged youths and providing a safe and warm place to delivering gardening essential to other locals of the community, Maggie does everything she can without ever asking for pay or even a thank you.

Coastal Hero:

Finalist Maggie Field-Masters

Jack Allsopp - As a member of the Sea Cadets, Jack Asslop regularly runs fundraisers for the Cadets but also goes out of his way to raise money for the RNLI and regularly puts himself forward to volunteer for the RYYC (Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club). Jack’s contributions are amazing in itself, but knowing that Jack also suffers from hypermobility and EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome), a condition that affects body tissue, makes him a step above and an inspiration to the community.

Grant Walkington - Over the years Grant has been involved in many varied callouts; some lasting only minutes that were within sight of the Lifeboat station, to some lasting over 12 hours at sea and over 40 miles from the station. Grant has witnessed some very lucky people who have underestimated the power and the dangers of the north sea. The dangers the crew members put themselves in are not often reflected upon until the service is complete and are back safely on shore.

Adrian Trowler - Over the years Adrian has been involved in lots of callouts during his 20 years with Bridlington Lifeboat Crew. He has trained hard and is qualified in many areas which are vital for the team when they are called out. He has been a team leader, diver and trainer. Awarded a Vellum in 2006 as well as receiving numerous letters of thanks and appreciation from the RNLI Chief Executive.

Community Local Hero:

Douglas Papworth - For over 45 years, “Douggie Lea” has packed out venues all over Bridlington bringing the locals and holidaymakers together with pure delight through his shows. Sadly, Douggie passed away in March earlier this year, but his memories live on in the audiences that loved him as well with his friends and family. His valuable contribution to Bridlington’s

economy will not be forgotten.

Lost and Found (Tracy Roberts) - Animal lovers all over Yorkshire’s East coast will already be familiar with the fantastic work that Tracy Roberts selflessly does. Finding lost pets are always at the forefront of Tracy’s mind as she works tirelessly works to find their homes and owners. Many families from Scarborough to Bridlington and everywhere in between can thank Tracy for reuniting them with their furry best friends.

Shaping the future:

Sea Cadets - These courageous volunteers take time out of their lives every week and even over weekends on occasion to provide valuable life lessons to Bridlington’s youth. Inspiring children to care and help others, learn practical skills such as first aid, cooking, sailing and rowing.

Scouts - The leaders of 6th Bridlington Scouts are inspirations to the children that attend week after week to enjoy all the fun, engaging activities that teach valuable life skills they can practise long after they get their badges. Sharon, Ian and Helen go above and beyond to make sure each week is different, exciting and adventurous.

Chris Kirkham - Chris Kirkham is well known in the community for working with children. He is a well-needed confidant for the children when they need to share problems, offers an ear to listen to them and a shoulder to cry on. He works tirelessly to make children feel safe and heard all the whilst boosting their confidence so they can live their best and most confident life.

Business of the year:

Murray Hill - Murray Hills is a local firm with community at their heart, established for 10 years and in the oldest building in King Street which they lovingly restored to keep the original features but still be a practical space. Each year Murray Hills Solicitors choose a charity to support, for 2019 it is Motor Neurone Disease Association Scarborough & Bridlington Group. They believe as a business they can provide the support and growth for their employees to develop in their careers.

Pleasure Boat - The Yorkshire Belle Pleasure Boat has been an iconic piece of Bridlington history for over 72 years, and for the past 35 years Peter Richardson and his son have been running this attraction for locals and tourists alike. Working 12 hour days, seven days per week there is no denying that an unparalleled work ethic is applied to keeping this boat business afloat. Without the Yorkshire Belle, Bridlington would not be the same place.

Mighty Lancer Games - This unique family business is open for people of all ages to learn new games and art forms to encourage everyone to step away from their electronics and connect with each other on a more human level. They even offer free “learn to play” sessions which introduces people of all levels and ages without having to spend a penny! On top of this amazing work, the Lancer Games are currently helping to raise money for Scarborough and Bridlington’s MNDa group.

Carer of the year:

Karen Cleal - Karen Cleal is an inspirational woman and currently suffers from critical health conditions that make even getting out of bed a challenge every day. Yet, despite this, she still takes the time to take care of two children with both mental and physical health problems without ever complaining. She is a kind and giving woman to everyone whom she knows.

Carole Hall - Carole Hall is a beloved mother and wife. Tragically, in 2015, her husband was left paralysed in half of his body following a stroke. Since then, Carole has dedicated her time to being the sole provider of the family but also as her husband’s carer.

Amanda Irvine - Amanda Irvine is a pillar of strength for all her friends and family, and always opens her doors to anyone in need. From offering up her own bedroom when a newborn and young mother needed a safe shelter to being there for her son when his wife was in a coma. Amanda is the first port of call when people are in need.

Teacher of the year:

Leah Gosling - After a student was relocated to her school after being severely bullied at a previous school, Miss Gosling worked closely with the student to built her confidence up and make sure she was settling in at Bempton School. Now, the shy pupil has the courage to sing a solo on stage and has an ample amount of friends she met during after school clubs; something that would’ve seemed impossible at her previous school.

Mrs Baxter and Mr Garland - These two extraordinary teachers put their time, as well as their mental and physical energy to ensure that all students are reaching their potential. One student, in particular, nominated these amazing educators after struggles to recover from anorexia, depression and anxiety. These two teachers helped save a student’s life and on top of that, achieve the grades she was capable of. Inspirational doesn’t come close.

Nikki Scrymgeor - Miss Scrymgeor is known for her attentiveness to her pupils and her focus on her ability to strengthen weaknesses. This year, Miss Scrymgeour noticed co-ordination problems with one of her pupils- something that no other teacher had picked up on before- and through meetings with the parents was able to help and support the young boy through his difficulties.

Finalists Heather and Carole at Rainbows
Finalist Sandra Orlando