Health Forum calls for 'starvation of resources' at Bridlington Hospital to be reversed

Bridlington Health Forum is calling for the "starvation of resources and services at the hospital to be reversed and health-care for the community restored to civilised levels.”

Monday, 19th August 2019, 3:47 pm
Chair of Bridlington Health Forum, Jean Wormwell MBE

In recent statement the voluntary group call upon Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Sir Greg Knight, MP for East Yorkshire, and the County Council to bring to account the Clinical Commissioning Group and the York NHS Trust.

Jean Wormwell MBE, chair of Bridlington Health Forum, said she wants those involved to make better use of Bridlington Hospital as "more and more people are being sent out of the area for treatment."

The statement outlines the “action to reverse the scandalous NHS cuts in Bridlington which is long overdue.”

It states: “Bridlington is the largest town in East Yorkshire. It has one of the highest national needs for adequate health care. This includes care for its population of 27% pensioners and its vital summer-time tourism visitors.

“Devastation of services at Bridlington Hospital have created an effective 90% reduction in 'unplanned' beds for local people.

"The town has also seen the migration of many other services away to distant hospitals in the York Trust area. Cuts to services and beds are close to crisis levels, causing bed-blocking in Scarborough at its own hospital there and huge pressures on its A&E department.

“Bridlington is an 'unavoidably small hospital' in its own right. It serves a remote, isolated and neglected community of over 70,000.

"Travel to distant hospitals for even basic health-care is now at an unsustainable level, not only for patients, but also for their families, relatives and carers.

"Action is urgently needed and is long overdue.”

Mrs Wormwell gave an example of the closure of the Macmillan Wolds Unit, which cared for terminally ill patients in their final days, which closed in April 2018.

She added that Bridlington residents now have to travel to Beverley for the treatment that was previously offered in the unit.

Bridlington Hospital, on Bessingby Road, is part of the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Jean added that the group are calling up on Matt Hancock and Sir Greg Knight as "we just don't want to loose our hospital."