Family Olympics brings beach season to close

A club set up to bring beach volleyball to the region brought an unusual season to a close with its very first family and friends Olympics day.

Tuesday, 8th September 2020, 3:57 pm

Teams from as far as Manchester took part in games such as boules, egg and spoon race, raw egg catch and throw, and more, on Bridlington’s South Beach last Sunday.

Marzena Makowska, Skyball Club Team Coach and Treasurer, said the Coronavirus had disrupted this season’s plans.

“Some players were especially pleased as for them it was first time on the sand.

“They couldn’t play before due to situation with Covid or because their priorities are now spending time with families and last Sunday they could put this together and have fun all together.”

The popular club, which was formed by a group of beach volleyball friends in 2017, had planned several training days and tournaments, which were all cancelled because of the pandemic.

It burst back into action in July and August with a few socially distanced sessions for players.

Marzena added of the Olympics day: “Some people that joined us had never played volley before and we are sure we will see them again.

“They loved digging the ball, smashing it over the net and also diving to pick it up.”

“The beach is always a good place for the families. The children, even if they didn’t or couldn’t play beach volley, dug in the sand, built sand castles, or went for a splash in the sea.”

“This was our End of Season celebration and we couldn’t imagine doing it differently.

“The Skyball families are our players, supporters and volunteers.

“The club is for them and without them we couldn’t do what we all love.”

Looking to next year, Marzena said they hoped that the season would be back to normal.

“We will see everyone again next year, in full blast this time, fingers crossed!”