Dan's done it - he graduates 14 years after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour

Determination is a quality that Dan Dickinson has had to show throughout his education.

Thursday, 20th June 2019, 4:09 pm
Dan Dickinson

He has had several spells away from the classroom, following treatment to remove a brain tumour when he was at junior school.

But he has battled on and has now graduated from university with a degree in accounting – despite facing a number of issues as a result of his treatment.

It was a rare side-effect from his surgery in 2005 which changed his life.

Mum Caroline said: “Dan was diagnosed with a brain tumour 14 years ago, aged 10.

“He had surgery followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, he suffered set backs which include speech problems, motor skill issues and the need to use a wheelchair to get around, although he can get around inside on crutches now.

“Fast forward 14 years and he has just gained a BA in Professional Accountancy from CU Scarborough.

“He is delighted and so he should be. I am very proud of him, he struggled at times but worked hard and it paid off.”

Dan who lives in Queensgate will attend his graduation ceremony will be held in Scarborough next month and he is now looking for a job to begin his career in accounting.

Caroline added: “He is now looking to get a part time job, he would find it difficult to hold a full time job down, ideally in an accountants office.

“He has had some work experience at Arco in Hull and really enjoys his voluntary role in the RVS cafe at Bridlington Hospital.”