Bridlington used as base for new novel

An author has used Bridlington has the dramatic backdrop for his new novel.

Wednesday, 16th December 2020, 2:20 pm
John Swain is pictured with his new book Love Against the Tide.

John Swain’s third novel paints a colourful picture of Bridlington between 1891 and 1939 as it chronicles events in the life of a family who struggle to come together across class divides and must deal with the consequences.

Mr Swain chose to base ‘Love Against the Tide: In Bridlington by the Sea’ in the town as his mother used to live here.

The book is a real family affair with Mr Swain’s sister Janet Barlow providing the illustrations.

Mr Swain said: “The novel was driven in the first instance by the fact that my mother’s family, the Holts, were from Bridlington and all my childhood holidays were spent there, staying with my aunt Gwen Kilvington and visiting my grandfather and great aunts.

“It is a family project as the book is illustrated with fourteen sketches by my sister Janet Barlow.

“I drew on my knowledge of my mum’s childhood: after WW1 my grandfather went out with the fishermen; my mother and aunt were educated at a convent school in the Old Town; my grandfather’s family were well-to-do while my grandmother’s were not.

“This is, however, a fictitious story based on considerable research around Bridlington and the period.”

Love Against the Tide: In Bridlington beside the Sea is published by Lodge Books which is based on South Bank Lane. It is priced £9.99 (Kindle eBook £3.75) and is available at online bookstore, Lodge Books bookstore and Amazon (Kindle).