Bridlington man sets two Humber swimming records

Richard Royal is pictured close to the Humber Bridge, ahead of his record-breaking swim.
Richard Royal is pictured close to the Humber Bridge, ahead of his record-breaking swim.

A Record-breaking swimmer from Bridlington has set two new records for swimming across the River Humber.

Richard Royal became the first person to swim the width of the Humber Bridge and back in one go, solo.

He also broke the record for the fastest one-way swim and set a new record for a two-way.

He used his swim as an opportunity to raise money for Humber Rescue, who sanctioned the attempt and will be providing support throughout. So far he has raised £930 for the cause.

Mr Royal is from Bridlington, where he attended Headlands School, swam for Bridlington Swimming Club and worked as a lifeguard at Leisure World.

He now lives in Hull and is a member of Hull Masters Swimming Club and Humberside Water Polo Club.

Starting near the Humber Rescue boathouse on the north bank of the River Humber just before the afternoon high tide, Richard aimed to swim the approximately 3.7km total to Barton on the south bank and back within the short period of slack tide, before the notorious currents threatened to push him down-river towards the North Sea.

Richard said: “I’m really pleased to have completed this swim, set one inaugural record and broken another.

“After a week of sunshine and blue skies, it was typical that there was a downpour, strong winds and fog on the day itself, which made it far more challenging and probably added an extra 10-15 minutes onto my time.

“I’ve done an organised group swim across the Humber previously which is fantastic and more leisurely, but wanted to see how fast I could do it solo and whether I could make it there and back before the tide changed. I’m aware that there’s been one-way solos elsewhere in the river, which I’m really pleased to have beaten, but there’s never been a two-way solo and hopefully this can set a precedent for more attempts at this location.

“I’m delighted to have raised a significant amount for the superb volunteers at Humber Rescue, who have been keeping us all safe in and around the water, year-round, for three decades.”

Visit Mr Royal’s JustGiving site at to donate to the Humber Rescue cause.