Bridlington girl Abbey Harrison wins competition for the 'opportunity of a lifetime'

Abbey Harrison
Abbey Harrison

A 12-year-old Bridlington girl has won the "opportunity of a lifetime".

Abbey Harrison claimed her placed on the five day ‘Challenge72’ tall ship race after winning a competition earlier this month.

Th 12-year-old completed an essay on the importance of the maritime sector in the Humber region by gathering information from the internet and speaking about her experience as a sea cadet and sailing at Wykham during the summer season.

Abbey, who is excited for her trip next week, said: "It’s once in a lifetime opportunity for someone of my age."

Proud mum, Sam Harrison, said: "She entered the completion to win a place on a five day tall ship race and won. She is the only child from Bridlington and at the age of 12 I think that’s amazing!

"She wants to join the navy when she older and enjoys being on the water. She follows her brother Jordan’s movements, he takes a fishing boat, has a cobble and is crew on lifeboat as well.

"Myself and my husband Micheal fully support Abbey in the achievements she wishes to gain, as we do our other two children Jordan and Lilly."