Bridlington cafe pledge to stop plastic waste

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A Bridlington cafe has announced it is the first to take the plastic pledge in the town.

The Beach Hut has made the change to reduce plastic waste by using paper straws, wooden cutlery and refill discounts.

Owner of the cafe on North Marine Drive, Liam McDonald, is hoping that “more businesses follow suit.”

He said: “It’s not just the business it my personal views as well it’s just a moral obligation. It’s something I believe in and want to do more.

“We have switched to wooden stirrers, paper bags, paper straws, take-away utensils and we have reusable cup for sale.”

The scheme by Sea Champions North East is part of the nationwide volunteer programme for the Marine Conservation Society.

By signing the pledge shops and restaurants in the North East will be doing their best to reduce plastic.

Liam is still finding more ways to reduce plastic and his next goal is to remove condiment sachets by using big tubs and paper tubs instead.

Statistics from Sea Champions North East found that overall litter levels in Yorkshire, so far in 2019, are 18.5% above the 2018 UK average figures.

However, data shows that North Yorkshire had slightly higher levels than East Riding.