Bridlington business owners fury after grass area turned into compound and 'memorial' rose garden demolished

Bridlington business owners have spoken out about how a construction compound in the town centre will have an major impact on their business.

Friday, 13th September 2019, 4:11 pm
Andy has pinned a rose with yellow ribbon to the fence as a mark of respect.

This week the green space on Regent Terrace was turned into a compound for the £3.8million project to transform the town centre and seafront.

Business owners Andy at 'Have It Personalised' and Mark at 'The Wish Cat Cafe' say they have "just had enough."

Mark said: "It's just one thing after another. We've just got over the building work from Wetherspoon's now we've got this for 11 months.

The owners say that 'there has been no thought' and footfall will significantly be reduced during the works.

"I've just had enough."

The construction compound in the middle of Regent Terrace and Fort Terrace means that footfall will be significantly reduced. The green space has been removed which means that dog walkers will have to find another green space in town.

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£3.8million project for new look town centre seafront in Bridlington

Andy is also "disgusted" after a 'memorial garden', which stood in the middle of the green space, has been demolished.

The green space prior to it being replaced by a construction compound

He said: "I was told that the parks department were coming to take the roses away and they would be replanted.

"By 11 o'clock they were all gone and buried in the skip. Those roses were planted by people from all over the country and have parents ashes scattered in them.

"It's disgusting. There's no morals here.

"I know for certain if the council had consulted us or given us the opportunity we could have taken them ourselves."

The council has suspended six parking bays around the compound.

LATEST NEWS: Man found with serious injuries in harbour car park, BridlingtonThe compound has taken the place of the green space and six parking spaces have been suspended - 3 on either side of the compound.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council were contacted about the matter and say that no concerns were raises over the remodelling of the gardens and parking area during consultations.

A council spokesperson said: "The remodelling of Regents Gardens is part of the Bridlington Town Centre Seafront project which was granted planning approval in August and which is starting on site now in response to requests from local businesses to avoid the main summer season as far as possible.

"The whole scheme has been the subject of repeated consultation over the last 18 months and at no time during those consultations has any representation been raised concerning the remodelling of the gardens and parking area on the basis of loss of the planting areas - or the loss of a memorial garden.

The construction compound outside of the businesses

"Just to clarify, the rose garden is not a memorial garden and has never had that status.

" However we have looked into the feasibility of relocating the rose bushes and have been advised that the bushes will most definitely not survive transplanting, therefore we are considering the replanting of a new rose bed in an appropriate location in the seafront area. "

Andy added: "There is just no thought what so ever - it's ridiculous there's no footpath through you have to walk all the way around now.

"I want to issue a public apology because I failed them on Wednesday. "