Bridlington business owners are fundraising for Microtia UK - including skydive and bachelor auction

Phill Furniss, Claire-Louise Wood and Sara Furniss (left to right)
Phill Furniss, Claire-Louise Wood and Sara Furniss (left to right)

Business owners in Bridlington are raising money for Microtia UK - a charity which supports people affected by a rare condition resulting in underdeveloped ears and hearing loss.

Phil and Sara Furniss, who own The Hollies Guest House, on Wellington Road, and Phill's Driving School, "want to give back."

There will be two events taking place in September for Microtia UK after "meeting a little boy named Charlie who was born with Microtia, we were inspired by him, and his parents dedication to the charity."

A bachelor auction will be held on September 1, at the Basement Cocktail Bar, on Marlborough Terrace, starting at 5pm.

Claire-Louise Wood, a friend of the family, will also be completing a skydive on September 8 at East Leys Farm, Grindale.

The 36-year-old who is "petrified of heights" will be completing the jump with the charity which has a minimum fundraising target of £500.

On her fundraising page, it states: "We are taking part in this skydive to raise some much needed funds for the charity, and to spread awareness of Microtia.

"Microtia is a rare condition affecting 1 in 6000 babies. It seems to affect more boys than girls and affects right ears more than left. Unilateral microtia (one ear) is more common, however approximately 1 in 10 children affected have bilateral microtia (both ears).

"Please give whatever you can. Every little really does help."

Phil and Sara moved to Bridlington in 2017 with their four children and now want to "get to know the community and raise funds for charity in the process."

Phil said: "We want to run offers and events to raise some money and donate it to charity. We have ideas for next year and hope to make it bigger and better."

A Facebook page - The Hollies Bridlington and Phill's fundraising for Microtia uk - has been set up with updates for the events.

Donations can be made for Claire's skydive at