BBC SCARBOROUGH: Residents' reactions to first episodes of 'Scarborough' sitcom at world premiere

The wait is almost over for the first episode of BBC One comedy show 'Scarborough'.

Friday, 6th September 2019, 8:14 am
Jason Manford and Catherine Tyldesley. Image: BBC

Ahead of tonight's broadcast of episode one, director Derren Litten and cast members visited Scarborough once again for the world premiere of the first two episodes yesterday.

The series was filmed in Scarborough earlier this year which generated a lot of interest among locals who were excited to see their hometown on national TV every week.

BBC gave members of the public the opportunity to apply for tickets and received over 10,000 applications.

The lucky ticket holders were the first to watch the first two episodes of Scarborough at the Stephen Joseph Theatre and here's what they said:

Resident Katrina: "I really enjoyed it and showed Scarborough off in a fantastic light with a great cast and a great script i don't think it can fail.

Speaking about the possibility of series two she added that she "absolutely wants a second series, 100%."

Jane, from Scarborough, said: "It was really good, I thoroughly enjoyed it and made Scarborough look really lovely."

Scarborough residents gave praise to characters Mike and Marion, played by Jason Manford and Stephanie Cole.

Talking about Marion's character, Jane added: "The old lady, she had a real character in it. I look forward to seeing more."

Sandra, who describes herself as a true Scarbororian, commented about the first episode which she thought "had a 60s touch about it."

She added: "It had a 60's touch about this compared to Benidorm. The hairdressers were very dated and it's obviously not like that here. When it first came on I thought is it going back in the 60s but then she had a mobile phone and I thought it's obviously not. It was really really good I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Her husband added: "It was a lot better than I first imagined. We're from Scarborough so we're a little bit biased but I thought the story line was good and the acting was suburb. Jason Manford and the rest of them the timing of the gags was supurb.

"Great characters that I think will develop over series one."

Around 300 people watched the first two episodes of 'Scarborough' yesterday and were the first in the world to see the lives of a motley band of Scarborough residents who are bonded by family, friendship and their love of Karaoke.

Mike (Jason Manford) and Karen (Catherine Tyldesley) are nearly-40-somethings that are giving their relationship another go, five years after they split. The pair were always meant to be together, but Mike’s ambition to become a professional entertainer meant that he was never at home.

Now in his late 30’s, Mike has realised what’s actually important to him - he’s given up life on the road to come back to Scarborough and give their relationship another go.

The salon is the very heart of the community – but as the series unfolds is that heart about to be ripped out by unscrupulous local businessman Tony Peroni?

Between Geraldine’s and the local pub/karaoke hot spot, The Good Ship, there’s never a dull day in town. But will the course of true love run smoothly for the couple the second time around, or will the trials and tribulations of their lives get in the way?

Don't miss the first episode of 'Scarborough' on BBC One tonight (Friday September 6) at 9.30pm.