Approval for former Bridlington bakery to become micro-brewery and taproom

Image: Google
Image: Google

Approval has been granted for a former bakery and cafe in Bridlington town centre to be transformed into a new micro-brewery and taproom.

Stuart Fisher submitted the application to East Riding Council to change the former Higginson bakery at 5 King Street earlier this year.

In the application it states: "Change of use of former bakery to a micro-brewery and taproom with alterations to Chapel Street shop front and installation of flue to side.

"Display of non-illuminated fascia signs to Chapel Street and King Street shop fronts."

The current building has been vacant from January 2018.

Proposed alterations on Chapel Street will include "multiple single panes of glass and door made of single pane glass and wood."

Installation of a flue has been proposed due to the steam produced during the brewing process.

The new micro-brewery has three proposed employees - one full time member of staff and two part time members of staff.

Mr Fisher has outlined opening hours of 10am-11pm Monday to Sunday, including bank holidays.

In a recent statement, Mr Fisher explained how he would monitor noise in the new micro-brewery and taproom.

He said: "There are no open windows and to minimise noise leakage, the front doors (both on Chappel Street and King Street) will remain closed after 9pm every day.

"Background music will be at a volume that allows conversation between customers (I do not actually intend to have any music, have not applied for any live music either).

"Signs will be displayed reminding patrons to be considerate to residential neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum. Drinks will not be permitted to be taken out of the building, or consumed outside."

Mr Fisher also stated that he will be utilising the air-conditioning units that are present and were used by the previous occupants when it was a bakers and café.

Both Bridlington Town Council and Bridlington Civic Society recommend the application to be approved.