158 Squadron vets return to Brid area

The memorial to the 158 Squadron at the side of the old airfield in Lissett.
The memorial to the 158 Squadron at the side of the old airfield in Lissett.

The veterans of 158 Squadron Bomber Command will be in Bridlington this weekend (7/8 September) to remember the 851 members of the organisation who gave their lives in the Second World War.

The squadron moved to Lissett on the site of the wind farm in 1943 and from there they flew Halifax bombers into occupied Europe.

The veterans will be joined by the members of the association, who are mainly direct relatives of those who flew with 158, at a squadron dinner at the Expanse Hotel.

This will be followed on Sunday (September 8) by a memorial service at 11am at the church in Lissett village. At this event they will remember the 851 who died in the war and all of the members of the Squadron who are no longer with us.

Everybody is very welcome to join this open air service to pay tribute to those who died for their country.

Members of the association have flown into Bridlington from Canada, the USA and Australia reflecting the multinational nature of the war time bomber command.

The chairman of the 158 Squadron Association, Kevin Bryett, said: “ It is so important that we never forget the sacrifice that was made by the veterans of 158, many of whom would have spent their final night relaxing in a pub in Bridlington before flying out on a raid, never to return.

“It is very moving to see all the names on the magnificent memorial at the side of the old airfield at Lissett. Everyone is welcome to join the memorial service at 11am on Sunday.”