People on community service help to clear Brid’s snow

A gritting lorry in action.
A gritting lorry in action.

CONVICTED criminals have been tasked with clearing snow and ice on the streets of Bridlington as part of their community service.

A community payback team was at work along Flamborough Road last Friday and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council have confirmed that they have been working with the Probation Service to try and keep things moving in the town amid the recent heavy snowfall and icy conditions.

John Skidmore, head of streetscene services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “The recent cold spell has seen the East Riding gripped by winter weather conditions, including snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures.”

“In Bridlington, Pocklington and Withernsea, the council’s streetscene services, working closely with the anti-social behaviour team and the Probation Service, are using community payback teams to clear snow and ice and alleviate conditions in our towns.”

The news comes after the Free Press was approached by several members of the public who were concerned about the potentially hazardous icy conditions and an alleged lack of gritting taking place on footpaths in some parts of Bridlington.

But the East Riding of Yorkshire Council have assured the public that they have put into action their winter maintenance plan and have been working around the clock trying to combat the conditions.

Mr Skidmore said: “The council has an agreed winter maintenance plan that sees priority roads and high pedestrian areas gritted first and a secondary network treated thereafter.

“The council also works closely with town and parish councils to enact winter maintenance plans at a local level to support our residents.

“Over the past two weeks, the council has worked around the clock to keep the East Riding’s highways and town centres open and accessible to businesses and the travelling public and, in addition to extensive gritting operations, is also refilling salt bins and salt piles for use by residents and has diverted grounds and street sweeping staff to snow and ice clearing duties.”

Since the winter of 2010 Bridlington Town Council have received £4,400 in severe winter weather grants from the Council for their winter maintenance plan.

But without a team of dedicated maintenance staff the town council rely on using a firm of cleaning contractors for snow and ice clearance.

A detailed map of which routes and footpaths the East Riding of Yorkshire Council are responsible for gritting is available on their website, along with information about how residents can apply for a salt bin or salt heap.

The website also contains advice on how the public can safely grit the roads and footpaths near their home.

Mr Skidmore added: “The council appreciates residents’ frustrations when it comes to inclement weather during the winter months, but would like to assure them that everything possible is being done to mitigate conditions and keep the East Riding moving.”