Pensioner’s mobility scooter stolen in Bridlington

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A PENSIONER has offered a £50 reward for the return of his mobility scooter - which was stolen from outside a Bridlington pub.

Gordon Peck had been visiting the pub on Wednesday September 19 and had left the Stirling Black Diamond scooter, worth around £2,000 when brand new, outside.

He says that the scooter was safely parked at 9.45pm - but was gone at 10.15pm when he went to leave.

Mr Peck said: “It is the only night out during the week that I get, and I have left the scooter outside before.

“I was obviously disgusted that it could be stolen in such a brief period of time, I don’t know why someone would do that. I’m willing to offer a £50 reward if anyone can give me some information leading to its safe return.”

If anyone can help Mr Peck, you can contact him on 07592 324122.