Patricia and Stanley celebrate 60th anniversary

Diamond wedding couple Patricia & Stanley Wright
Diamond wedding couple Patricia & Stanley Wright

Patricia and Stanley Wright last week celebrated a diamond life together.

They have been together since 1950 and got engaged within weeks of meeting, but Patricia’s father thought that they were too young to marry, so they had to wait until she was 21.

They celebrated their Diamond wedding anniversary last Thursday, and Patricia, 81, and Stanley, 85, can look back on a long and happy marriage.

Patricia said: “We went to London to see the Queen’s coronation for our honeymoon. We stood at Marble Arch in the pouring rain, and there were throngs of people. One chap standing next to me said over my head to another man, ‘get hold of her other elbow,’ and they lifted me up above the crowds. Just at that moment the Queen turned in my direction and she waved as if she was waving just at me. I got a wonderful view, and I always wanted to tell her about it, so I have done; I wrote to her recently. She’s been a marvellous queen.”

Stanley spent his working life as a domestic electrician, working for the Yorkshire Electricity Board. He said: “It was a good career. I worked with about 100 men, wonderful people, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Patricia also worked, firstly as a hairdresser and then in high-class fashion store Chatterbox.

After that closed she worked at the Macmillan Unit at Bridlington Hospital, where she used to wash and trim the patients’ hair.

One day about fifteen years ago it was mentioned that they were short of a driver - so she promptly volunteered Stanley.

He helped out for ten years, only retiring from that duty when he reached 80 because he felt that it was time to stop.

Music has been an important part of both their lives; they met when they were both in the Christ Church choir, but Stanley later moved to the Priory. “He was head-hunted!” explained Patricia.

His fine tenor voice also meant that he was in demand from the local operatics society, and in 1974 his portrayal of Gabriel in the Strauss operetta Die Fledermaus led a London producer in the audience to think that he was a professional singer.

They had two sons, Michael, now 58, and Christopher, 54, and now have grandchildren and step-grandchildren.

Michael, who is a locality manager for the ambulance service, has been married to nurse Tracey for 25 years; they celebrated their silver wedding anniversary earlier this month.

This month, therefore, is a big one for the Wright family at Bridlington Priory. Patricia and Sydney will be renewing their marriage vows, as will Michael and Tracey.

Michael and Tracey’s son, Daniel, recently married in Australia, and new wife Kylie will have their marriage blessed.

Patricia said: “Stanley and I clicked playing table-tennis. I remember saying to my future bridesmaid, ‘I think that Stanley Wright’s marvellous!”

63 years later, it’s clear that the feeling’s still mutual.