Patients tested for infections

Bridlington Hospital Scene Setters'NBFP PA1312-5b'Hospital Entrance
Bridlington Hospital Scene Setters'NBFP PA1312-5b'Hospital Entrance

Patients who underwent urology procedures at Bridlington Hospital were tested for infection following concerns equipment was not being properly sterilised.

Public Health England alerted a number of hospitals throughout England including Bridlington and Scarborough by letter.

A spokesperson for the York Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust said: “This indicated that the machines used to complete the disinfection process of the flexible instrument used may have been misprogrammed and therefore one part of the complex process of instrument disinfection may have been incomplete.

“This was a problem in a number of hospitals in the UK all using this particular equipment, and whilst the technical problem has now been resolved, there may have been an extremely small risk of infection for example with blood borne viruses being passed to patients during their procedures. To date there is no evidence nationally of transmission of infection and experts have advised that the chances of this having taken place are very low indeed.

“We immediately wrote to all patients who had undergone a urology procedure Drive for new members at Brid Chamber (ureteroscopy) at Bridlington Hospital since 2012 to give them the opportunity to discuss this with a Consultant urologist and microbiologist if they wished.”