Patient’s long wait for treatment after hospital change

Bridlington Hospital.
Bridlington Hospital.

A Bridlington woman has been waiting six months for crucial pain-killing injections due to the heavy volume of appointments at Bridlington Hospital.

Agnes Gibson, 64, of Bempton Crescent, has osteo-arthritis and needs a series of six injections into her spine every twelve weeks, but since having it done before Christmas, she has not been allocated the slot she should have had in February.

The pain of her condition means she has hardly left the house this year, and her frustrated husband, John Gibson, is looking for answers after being told that the delay had been down to a change to the hospital’s appointment system.

He said: “She should have had them in February, but we didn’t receive the normal letter we do for our appointment so we waited as it can land a week either side, but we didn’t hear anything.”

An appointment was finally made for Mrs Gibson, who has suffered from osteo-arthritis for around two and a half years, to have her injections last Thursday, May 2, but unfortunately the appointment was cancelled at the last moment as the doctor had taken ill.

“It’s frustrating. Obviously it can’t be helped that someone takes ill but I haven’t heard about a new date yet,” continued Mr Gibson. “My wife is in terrible pain and has hardly been able to leave the house since just after Christmas. All she has for the pain is paracetemol, she relies on the injections and it has been six months now since she had them.”

A spokesperson for York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, which manages Bridlington Hospital, said: “We apologise for any delay that this patient has experienced in relation to their appointment.

“There has been no change to the appointments system, however there has been a delay for some patients due to the high number of people requiring an appointment slot.

“Unfortunately this has meant that there have been longer waits, and we are working hard to reduce this.”

However despite this, Mr Gibson says that he was told by staff that Bridlington appointments were now being dealt with in Scarborough.

“When we still didn’t receive anything, I called the appointments office and got told that all the appointments for Bridlington Hospital were now being dealt with under a new system in Scarborough and that they were working on theirs before they could get round to the Bridlington patients.

“I’m not blaming the people doing it, but if they need more help to do the job then they should have it. It’s the system that isn’t working.”

The spokesperson at the York Trust confirmed that there was a change in the system used for outpatient appointments, but not for inpatients, as in Mrs Gibson’s case.