Parliamentary put-downs published

Greg Knight and his Dishonourable Insults book
Greg Knight and his Dishonourable Insults book

BRIDLINGTON MP Greg Knight has compiled the best parliamentary put-downs throughout history for a book, Dishonourable Insults.

Throughout the ages and across the political spectrum, there’s always been a place for the insult and Mr Knight said: “It was great fun putting this collection together.

“In these pages you can revel in more than one hundred years of political venom.

“From Churchill to Cameron, Balfour to Brown, Curzon to Clegg, Douglas Home to Duncan Smith, Healey to Howard, Macaulay to Milliband, it is a collection of witty barbs that should provide amusement and a source of reference for anyone searching for the ultimate put-down.”

Dishonourable Insults: A Cantankerous Collection of Political Invective costs £14.99 in hardback and is now available at bookshops nationwide.

It is Mr Knight’s second book in the series which he started in the late eighties with the publication Honourable Insults.

He told the Free Press that his peers in parliament have taken the book in good humour.

“I think most MPs are thick-skinned enough to take an insult as well as dish them out and even those who are in this book I don’t think are offended because it is all part of the rough and tumble of political debate,” he said.

Mr Knight spent around 18-months compiling the book, using his own time to research parliamentary hansard records and acting on suggestions from fellow MPs.

“Many MPs co-operated,” he said.