Parking wardens should use their loaf, says Bridlington baker given a £70 ticket

Nick Higginson was given a ticket with a 70 fine for using a loading bay outside his bakery shop for 17 minutes. Picture by Paul Atkinson
Nick Higginson was given a ticket with a 70 fine for using a loading bay outside his bakery shop for 17 minutes. Picture by Paul Atkinson

A town centre trader has called for parking wardens to show more common sense rather than penalising small businesses using loading bays.

Nick Higginson’s van was left outside his bakery for 17 minutes last week - enough time for him to be given a ticket.

He insists he was loading trays of bread and cakes and then collecting the day’s takings from his shop in Chapel Street last Wednesday.

But the warden told him he had been watching the van for 10 minutes and not seen any activity. Nick said he was given a ticket for ‘abusing’ the loading bay.

“I just feel the council have got a negative attitude towards businesses in the town centre,” Nick told the Free Press.

“People are trying to earn a living and the town centre is struggling. Marks and Spencer has closed, other shops are looking to close and the town is being dug up so trying to get around the roadworks has been difficult.

“We have had a lovely summer, which has been good for us all, but we are getting what seems to be a great deal of parking wardens walking around.”

Nick is planning an appeal against the £70 fine, which would be halved if he chose to pay it by next Tuesday.

The loading bay signs do not specifiy how long vehicles can stay in the space.

“I am not saying it should be a free-for-all for business owners to take advantage of the system,” Nick added.

“But it doesn’t seem morally right to have such a draconian attitude to the parking system in the town centre.”

Nick, whose family have had a bakery in the town centre for four generations, said he had spoken to parking wardens on numerous occasion and thought he had a good relationship with them.

He also said he had previously used that space for much longer periods of time than the 17 minutes he got ticketed for.

Nick said: “I use that space six, seven or eight times a day for loading and unloading. We were just doing our job as normal. Sometimes the van can be there for half-an-hour in the morning when we have a van full.”

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “Motorists are only allowed to stay within a loading bay for as long as they are loading or unloading a vehicle.

“Once they have finished they must move the vehicle from the bay, as it is not a parking bay. This restriction is in place to free the bay for other people wanting to use it.

“If no loading or unloading activity is witnessed within a five minute period, a parking enforcement officer is entitled to serve a penalty notice.

“In this case no activity was witnessed for around 10 minutes, which is why the penalty notice was issued.

“This motorist still has the option of making an appeal to the council against this decision.”