Parents’ swap shop swells Bridlington school’s coffers

Parents Pippa Weighman and Rebecca Taylor volunteer on the stall.
Parents Pippa Weighman and Rebecca Taylor volunteer on the stall.

A GROUP of parents have come up with an ingenious way to save money while boosting the coffers of a Bridlington school.

Mums at New Pasture Lane Primary School have set up a ‘swap shop’ for children’s school uniforms, and headteacher Alison Tadman believes they are the first to do so in Bridlington.

The swap shop service lets parents donate unused items of uniform and PE kits, which is then sold for £1 - with proceeds going towards a fund to provide school trips and treats for children.

Mrs Tadman said: “I think it is a great idea, it is something that a group of parents came up with themselves and it really shows the strength of the school community.

“Children grow out of their uniforms so quickly that often, parents are left with uniforms they can’t use and the expense of having to buy new ones. This can help parents save a bit of money, and stop perfectly good pieces of clothing from being wasted.”

The school plan to hold another event before the half term holidays after the success of the first swap shop which raised £38 for school funds.

“Every little bit helps us and it will go into a fund that helps subsidise trips and so on. As far as I am aware New Pasture Lane is the first school where this has happened.”