Pair are sentenced for savage attack

Nancy Thorne, 19, of Flamborough Road, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to ABH biting a man outside the Greyhound pub on Boxing Day in Bridlington. Appears for sentence at Hull Crown Court
Nancy Thorne, 19, of Flamborough Road, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to ABH biting a man outside the Greyhound pub on Boxing Day in Bridlington. Appears for sentence at Hull Crown Court

An asbo yob with 32 convictions broke a man’s jaw in a street battle on the Promenade in Bridlington while a woman savagely bit his neck and punched him.

Joshua Ingham, 19, left the drunken man in need of an X-Ray and treatment at York Hospital. His victim spent an anxious three weeks not knowing if he had contracted HIV or hepatitis from the bite.

Ingham, of Bridlington, admitted causing grievous bodily harm and breaching his Criminal Behaviour Order in the violent scene outside the Greyhound Hotel on December 26.

Nancy Thorne, 21, a care worker of Flamborough Road, Bridlington, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm for biting the man when she appeared at Hull Crown Court for sentence (Monday March 14).

Principal crown advocate Phillip Evans said the violence flared when an unidentified man turned up at the Greyhound Hotel after midnight with a 4ft-long wooden plank only to be disarmed by Ms Thorne.

Ingham later claimed there had been a long-standing feud between him and the victim’s family.

Mr Evans said: “The violence continued and escalated. The victim is drunk and at no stage offered violence, even resistance to what befalls him. Blows are reigned down upon him; particularly from Joshua Ingham and Nancy Thorne. Mr Ingham broke his jaw in the course of his assault. Nancy Thorne bit him to his neck.”

The victim did not require surgery, but had difficulty eating and could not wear a motorcycle helmet. He told police he had done nothing to deserve the assault.

The court heard Ingham was breach of a sentence for attacking a man in Landesdowne Road, Bridlington, on July 9 2015 by entering his house and repeatedly punching him to the head causing black eyes and bruising. He was made the subject of an ASBO which them became a Criminal Behaviour Order (CRIMBO). Thorne had a caution for assaulting a police officer in 2011.

Defence barrister Richard Thompson for Joshua Ingham said: “He accepts there must be a custodial sentence, but the only issue is length.

“He says for a couple of days there had been tension between the victim and his brother. The victim’s brother turned up at the premises looking for trouble and this defendant reacted to that.”

“As a young teen he spent time in care. His mother turned his back on him. He found himself on Christmas Day with no one to visit. His girlfriend had gone to her family. His grandmother had died recently and he was close to her.”

Defence barrister Paul Norton for Nancy Thorne said she was a young mother who had lost her dream of becoming a nurse as a result of the Boxing Day fight: “She fully accepts and she lost control of herself and punched and bit the complainant” said Mr Norton. “She comes from a difficult background. Her father is ill from alcohol abuse. She was at this time emerging from a seriously abusive relationship. She is determined to be extremely careful about her alcohol consumption in the future.”

Sentencing Judge Mark Bury told Ingham. “You are only 19, but have a very poor record for violence, public disorder and damage. You committed this offence while on a suspended sentence for disorder. Not only that you are incapable of complying with your Criminal Rehabilitation Order.

“Violence in public cannot be tolerated. It can only be met with custody.” He jailed him for a total of 20 months. He told Thorne she would have gone to jail if the bite mark had punctured his skin. Thorne was given a four-month suspended prison sentence, a 12-month community rehabilitation order and 90-day curfew tag.