Out of control car crashes on high street

A driver lost control of a car and smashed into three parked cars before becoming stuck next to a shop front
A driver lost control of a car and smashed into three parked cars before becoming stuck next to a shop front
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A PEOPLE carrier ended up jammed between a shop front and parked car after colliding with three other cars in Bridlington’s Old Town.

Shocked local residents in the narrow High Street say they were amazed no-one was injured on the usually busy pavements outside their homes and businesses.

Heather Alexander outside Heather's Vintage clothing shop

Heather Alexander outside Heather's Vintage clothing shop

The driver of the people carrier, Vicky, daughter of Penelope Weston of the Old Town Association, was shaken but unhurt in a freak accident which happened around 11.30am on Friday.

She and her three children had been staying with Mrs Weston ahead of moving to live in Kilham village.

They had been trying to load a piece of furniture into the back of her automatic Ford Galaxy parked outside.

“There wasn’t quite enough space to get it in, Vicky, who needs an automatic as she has a slight disability, said she was just going to move it forward a little to make more room.

“For no apparent reason when she took the handbrake off the car shot forward into the car in front.

“She tried to get off the road and ended up on the pavement before it came to rest.

“We have no idea what happened. She has had the car a while and driven it a lot,” said Mrs Weston.

Her daughter was shaken but not hurt. She was taken to Scarborough Hospital for a check up as a precaution.

A Silver Toyota Yaris suffered extensive damage to its back end, side and front as it was pushed into the back of a Citroen Berlingo belonging to TD Travel, which was parked in front.

Both vehicles also had side damage as the Galaxy tried to get between them and the wall and came to rest jammed against the wall and the cars after collided with the rear of a parked Jaguar at the front of the row.

Kerry McCullogh, 20, whose fall pipe outside her front door was removed by the people carrier, said had it happened minutes earlier she would have been leaving the house with her 11 month year old daughter Mia.

“I would have wheeled her pushchair on to the pavement in front of the door. I am still shaking at the thought of what could have happened,” said Kerry.

Next door Heather Alexander of Heather’s Simply Vintage shop said she had been serving a customer when there was a huge crash.

“It is incredible that no-one was injured. The pavement is usually busy with people, and people looking in my shop window,” she said. Police closed High Street to through traffic for a short while until the damaged vehicles and debris could be cleared.