Organisation to aid parents grieving loss

Mandy Shippey and Amanada Ibbotson who have set up a non-profit organisation called 'Too Beautiful for Earth'
Mandy Shippey and Amanada Ibbotson who have set up a non-profit organisation called 'Too Beautiful for Earth'

Two Bridlington women have set up an organisation to turn wedding dresses into gowns for babies who have sadly lost their lives.

Amanda Ibbotson, 37, created Too Beautiful for Earth with friend Mandy Shippey, 40, where donated wedding dresses are transformed into unique burial outfits for babies born too early or who die before their time.

The pair have been running the non-profit organisation for a month now and they are hoping to help parents through a traumatic time.

Amanda said: “Mandy saw a group of ladies doing something similar in Kent and, as far as we’re aware, there is nothing else like this in the area. There are around 3,500 babies in the UK that are either stillborn or born prematurely and pass away within a year.

“The whole idea is that when you lose a child, it must be the most difficult part of your life. If we can offer even the slightest bit of comfort for the family to help with the grieving process, then we have done our job. It is such an emotional time and the last thing you want to be doing is shopping for a gown to bury your baby.”

The team are producing outfits for both baby girls and boys in eight different sizes with the hope of making 80 outfits a month in the future, all free of charge.

To do this, the organisation will need to increase the number of volunteers with eight sewers currently making the outfits and Amanda is keen to recruit anyone with spare time on their hands.

She said: “We would be grateful for anyone who could spare time to help and knows their way around a sewing machine.

“It is for such a fantastic cause and the more people we have participating, the more people we can help through a heartbreaking time.”

The team are currently using their own income to fund the project though they are soon hoping to organise some fundraising events in the area.

Amanda is currently juggling responsibilties at Too Beautiful for Earth while working part-time at Premier on Sewerby Road while Mandy is self employed.

They are also appealing to the public to donate any unwanted wedding or prom dresses which could be of 

She said: “We have had 20 dresses donated in the past two weeks, which is fantastic, and use as much of the dress as we can.

“It is for an important cause and we’d love more people to donate at our designated drop-off points to make the organisation a success and help those grieving families.”

The organisation is expanding with further drop-off points being made in Driffield, Beverley, Malton, Scarborough and Hunmanby.

To keep up to date with events at the organisation you can go on to their Facebook page at

For more information or to donate you can call 07752208936 or 07456971055.