Letter: Library cuts caused by government

Once again I see the subject of library closures come to the fore again in this week's Free Press Letters to the Editor page.

Thursday, 8th September 2016, 2:33 pm
Updated Monday, 12th September 2016, 4:06 pm
Bridlington North Library is just one of the libraries in East Yorkshire which will be affected by cutbacks.

I entirely agree with Mr Philip James of his observations of how cut backs will affect King Street Library.

These cutbacks are the result of austerity instructions by the 2010-15 coalition government.

These cutback don’t just affect libraries, they affect every other service that a county council provides.

You only have to read the report in this week’s Free Press of a typical example of these cuts with Brid Police Station’s potential closure of its custody suite.

I recently watched a Panorama programme on the subject of austerity measures introduced by the 2010-15 coalition government that are now taking effect in Selby.

All of Selby’s County Council services that they provide such as libraries, police, schools, highways, county council adult social care, and local council are now being partly covered by volunteers.

When this present Government states that they have created a good economy, yes they have but at the expense to the general public with cuts to public services.

Ernie Mackenzie

Gammons Lane