Letter: Big film more hype than impact

Following all the hype and extended local enthusiasm shown over recent months regarding the filming of Dad's Army, isn't it time the whole thing was put into wider perspective?

Friday, 4th March 2016, 10:00 am
Dad's Army.

Born and bred in Bridlington and an ardent lover of the town for well over 80 years, I was as keen as any other resident to see the film.

However, it was only after fighting fierce winds and rain along the Esplanade, that my wife and I were finally able to settle down in happy anticipation to watch Captain Mainwaring’s brave warriors prepare to defend our shores.

What a major disappointment the new offering proved to be.

Despite the inclusion of two or three significant names in the cast, and some limited sightings of the town, the end result was, in our view, a total failure.

It was, perhaps, inevitable that one would compare the film cast’s performance to that of the original TV characters who unerringly provided such first class quirky entertainment.

A classic case, I think, of trying to replace the irreplaceable.

I perceived the film to be based on a weak script containing little ‘in character’ humour with the actors trying too hard, except for Bill Nighy who, effortlessly playing the downbeat role of Sgt Wilson, was seemingly required to do little beyond displaying his natural laconic hauteur.

I don’t wish to expand at length on the unconvincing portrayals of the nation’s favourite sitcom team, but I really think, with hindsight, that this venture should not have been embarked upon.

Upon leaving the cinema, my wife commented that she didn’t know how she managed to sit through the film and I heartily agreed.

I noticed that instead of everyone leaving midst a general chatter of approval, there was a silence that suggested our reaction was far from solitary.

Do we find ourselves in a minority of two, or have other viewers experienced a similar anti-climax?

Colin Cruddas

Westgate, Bridlington