Opinion: Working partnerships help to reduce crime

Since March 2015 the police can use testing kits on suspected drug drivers.
Since March 2015 the police can use testing kits on suspected drug drivers.

Although Bridlington gets its fair share of winter visitors it’s this time of year that we see more and more people flocking to the coast to enjoy spring walks and the coastal attractions, and the weekends get particularly busy.

In the run- up to the new tourist season in Bridlington, the police are continuing their work in partnership with the local council and community groups to reduce crime in the Bridlington area.

Insp Rob Cocker.

Insp Rob Cocker.

You will see a visible police presence throughout the busy weekends as the night-time economy of the pubs and clubs liven up. Policing Bridlington’s night life in this way helps reduce crime, builds public confidence and ensures local businesses and residents are being supported.

This not only helps local residents and businesses it encourages visitors who have had a positive experience to come back again.

Sadly with the arrival of visitors grows the incidents of general anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and theft from cars. If we can ask residents to report anything suspicious it would help us to catch those responsible for this type of crime, making the town safer for both residents and visitors.

We are also repeating the call to all Bridlington residents to ensure that their home is secure, close all windows and lock your doors, even when you are at home. Please close the car windows and sunroof and never leave property in your car or leave it unlocked.

A year ago a new law came into place to address the increased number of people driving while under the influence of drugs. Since March 2015 the police have powers to be able to use testing kits on drivers that they suspect of driving under the influence.

You may think that this does not affect you, think again. It could be a member of your family that is injured, or worse, by a driver who is high on drugs. You may also be unaware of the recent changes in the law and be at danger of breaking the law yourself if you take drugs and drive.

Humberside Police casualty reduction officer Barry Gardner said: “The public can help us, if you suspect someone is going to take drugs and drive you can phone the police on the non-emergency number 101.”