Opinion: Going the extra mile to give our town a great reputation

Service with a smile will keep visitors coming back to Bridlington.
Service with a smile will keep visitors coming back to Bridlington.

This occasional column about the Renaissance of Bridlington usually focuses on the change that is evident in the town and what is planned for the future. On this occasion I thought we should perhaps focus on something very different but just as important.

Ask yourself why you use a particular hotel chain, shop or garage. Price and product quality probably helps you make the decision but the most important influence is likely to be about how you are treated as a person – in other words customer service.

Andrew Warner.

Andrew Warner.

A couple of weeks ago I was down in Surrey working for two nights and was staying in a Holiday Inn Express.

There was a group of 15 of us and we needed to be out of the hotel at 6.15am. As it was a Saturday the breakfast didn’t start till 7am so I thought we were going to start our day hungry. I mentioned this in passing when checking in. The reply came without hesitation: “That’s no problem. We’ll have breakfast ready at 6am!”

Next morning, sure enough, the breakfast was ready and waiting. Now to me that was excellent service delivered in a matter of fact, no problem way. How did it make me feel? Valued.

So why am I banging on about this – well, you can have the best facilities or product in the world but if you don’t deliver it to your customers in a caring and effective manner that makes them feel special then they just won’t buy it or use you again.

Bridlington is about to turn a corner. New hotels and attractions are being added to this lovely town. If we want to capitalize on this then we have to welcome the visitors that will come to see us and go the extra mile for them.

We need to make sure that Bridlington gets the reputation as being a place where people care. It isn’t difficult – just treat our guests as we would wish to be treated – recognise what will please them and do it and finally just SMILE – it costs nothing and makes everyone feel better including ourselves!

The Renaissance Partnership is committed to ensuring that the town gets the facilities it needs and it deserves .

In the next few months you will see how our local business people that are already involved with the Renaissance Partnership are working together to help with this both at school level and in the workplace. So, if you have a local business and want to join forces to make Bridlington “Great”, save the date of Tuesday 17 November to come along to The Spa at 5.30pm and find out more.

Send contact details to :bridlington.renaissance@eastriding.gov.uk to get updates too.

Things are changing in Bridlington – visit www.bridlingtonrenaissance.com for more information about Tomorrow’s Bridlington.